Repair of hoverboard

Service Repair centre of hoverboard in Sofia, Bulgaria, Hoverboard repair service

We repair all kind of the self-balancing scooters or self-balancing two-wheeled board, hoverboard.

All hoverboards for repair are welcomed: both from the territory of Bulgaria, or from abroad.

For companies and business partners we can offer:

– After sales service for hoverboards  in Bulgaria, EU, Europe.

– Assembling of hoverboards in Bulgaria

– Strict compliance and enforcement of the law and rules of Consumer protection in Bulgaria and EU

– We have special on-line system for control of each repair order

– Great engineer team

– Maximum transparency of the repair status

All private clients are welcomed!

Our skills or how do we repair the hoverboards:

Repair of device electronics

– Repair on PCB (motherboard, main board) level: We can exchange defective transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors etc.

– We can exchange or *program the microprocessor (MCU) if necessary.

/The programming is possible only if we have correct software and hardware for the MCU./

– Repair and adjusting of the gyroscope boards on PCB (motherboard, main board) level

Battery repair

– Battery microprocessor board repair

– We have power analyzer to check the condition of the battery.

– We have special dummy load to check the condition of the battery.

– We can repair the charger on PCB (motherboard, main board) level.

Mechanical repair.

– Other repairs in various versions such as: internal MP3 player, remote control, lights etc.

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For more information, please call us.

Phones: 02 / 983 63 13, 02 / 983 16 01;             Mobile phone:  +359896 665683

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Service centre for electronic repair Bushona / SCVB Ltd.

Company name: SCVB LTD
Country: Bulgaria,
City: Sofia
Post code: 1000
Street: 55 Iskar