About us


SCVB Ltd. / Service Centre Bushona is service centre for electronic repair.

We are logistic point and warranty service of:

  • Olympus  digital cameras – https://www.olympus-europa.com/ logistical support
  • Fujifilm  digital cameras – https://www.fujifilm-service.com/ warranty service
  • GoPro sport action cameras – warranty service
  • Kompernass Germany service of equipment under warranty, sold by the company www.kompernass.com in LIDL, Bulgaria ( Parkside, SilverCrest, Florabest and other brands )
  • Walter Austria – service of equipment under warranty
  • C.M.C. creative  Germany – service of equipment under warranty
  • Xiaomi – warranty service of electric scooters, robot vacuum cleaners and others
  • Tesla – warranty service of TV in Buglaria
  • Collexia  https://www.collexia.it/it/ professional hair-dryers – warranty service
  • EVOLVEO – https://www.evolveo.eu/en/ Czech Republic – waterproof smart phones – warranty service in Bulgaria.

About us:
Our company was founded by Veselin Beshevliev, in Sofia in 1993 and specializes in reparation and maintenance of wide range of electronic devices.
For partners:
Partnership offered:
Warranty and out-of-warranty ( after warranty ) service for electronics devices, digital cameras, laptop, tablets, smart phones, TV, LCD monitors, garden device and hobby tools in Bulgaria.
SCVB ltd. offers a partnership to the companies and traders/ sellers/, who need warranty and out-of-warranty maintenance of electronics devices, digital cameras etc., sold both in the EU and outside the EU.
Bulgaria is a member of EU since 2007. We offer very competitive prices for repairs; easy and clear price list for partners and end customers.
Each one of our partners will have an access to our own Web database, especially designed for: documents release to the end user in his own language, monitoring of the status of the repair processes, transportation of the technique and etc.
SCVB Ltd.. is in a continuous process of finding new partners in Bulgaria and abroad.

Contact us: E-mail: service@bushona.com in English.

Reviews about repair service SCVB Ltd. References from various companies and institutions that have evaluated our work:


Partnership required:
SCVB Ltd. is looking for partners in the EU and the rest of the world, who are willing to collect and send the defective electronics devices, digital cameras etc.for repair in SCVB Ltd., Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is a member of EU since 2007. We offer very competitive prices for repairs. Easy and clear price list for partners and end customers.
We can offer a warranty and out-of-warranty maintenance of electronics devices, digital cameras etc.
Each one of our partners will have an access to our own Web database.

For end users:
Please send us an e-mail information about the problem on your electronics devices, digital cameras etc. – in English, German or Russian language if possible.
E-mail address: service@bushona.com
With us you can keep in excellent condition your TV set, computer system, smart phone, laptop, garden device and vacuum cleaner with no need to search all over for a new service centre. The variety of devices we handle contributes to the high quality of the service we offer.

Pricing You will be informed in advance of the costs of the services you are ordering.

What territorial regions do we cover:
Thanks to the high quality and low prices of courier services inside Bulgaria we attend customers all over the country. We can handle your device even if you are located abroad. We provide excellent and overall servicing and maintenance for foreigners in Bulgaria. If you live in or intend to visit Bulgaria we will be happy to assist you with any technical problem you could experience.

Our service centre produces an immediate and high-quality repair of digital cameras,video cameras of all brands ,TV, LCD, CRT, DLP, Projection TVs, Bluetooth Peripheral Device, PC hardware, computer peripherals, mini computers, laptop, tablets, Smartphone, navigation systems, GPS, audio systems, amplifiers, receivers, Hi-Fi systems.


We specialize in repair and service of:

– Digital cameras and video cameras, DSLR, professional video cameras

– LCD monitors and LCD TVs, classic TVs

– DVD players, home theater DVD systems and video sets

– Audio systems, Hi-Fi, home and professional, CD players, amplifiers

– SAT, Satellite receivers

– Video game consoles: Sony Play Station, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP /unbrick,LCD etc./, XBOX, XBOX360, Wii etc

We repair also:

– Professional and home audio systems

– Laptop, Tablet, PC

– LCD tv, LCD monitor

– Digital camera, Digital video camera

– Car audio systems

– TV sets, videos, DVD, video cameras, digital cameras, digital video cameras, monitors

– Remote control units

– GSM, cell phones

– Telephones, cordless phones, faxes, answering machines

– Sony Play Station, X-BOX, electronic games

– Auto electronic blocks, Electronic dashboard, Satellite receivers

– Computers (hardware and Software)

– Monitors

– Hard disc drives

– DCD, DVD units (ROM and burners)

– Printers, faxes

– Periphery devices

– Communication devices

Professional & domestic electric devices

Microwave ovens


Pots with electric lids


Vacuum cleaners

Pressing irons

Food processors


Portable dish-washers

Blood pressure monitors




Professional & domestic hair-care and beauty devices

– Hair-dryers

– Hair-cutters

– Curling-irons

– Epilators

… and many others

Repair of Tools in Bulgaria

Cordless drill
Impact drill
Rotary hammer drill
Finishing sander
Belt sander
Circular saw
Angle grinder
Angle grinder, 2000 watt
Hot-air gun
Mini precision tool set
Bench grinder
Drill press
Cut-off machine
Circular saw table
Tile cutter with diamond cutting disc
High pressure cleaner

Repair of electric garden device and gasoline garden equipment Repair work shop in Bulgaria, Repair service in Bulgaria

We install, maintain, and repair:

Home-, office- and shop-security systems

Alarm systems

Video control and surveillance systems


Our address:
55, Iskar Str.
1000 Sofia


You can e-mail us with questions in English, German, Russian or Bulgarian at service@bushona.com

Our contacts in office:
02 / 983 63 13, 02 / 983 16 01
Mobile: 0896 665683