• You pay for the repair only if you agree with  the price.
  • Without your price confirmation, repairs will not be done!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Please read below!

Costumer: Do you repair brands which are not listed in your website?
Service: We repair all brand appliances. Because of the dynamics of the market, it is not possible to write all the brands and models.


Costumer: How much does the repair cost?
Service: The cost of the repair will be clear ONLY after diagnostic. Then, we will know what parts, software or documentation the repair needs.

You should know that:
1. Diagnostics is prepaid and for most appliances it is 24 BGN with VAT. For some devices ( as projectors, DSLR digital cameras, laptop ) it could be higher. Please, write as email or call us via phone.
Just for information: / approx. 2 BGN /Bulgarian leva / = 1 Euro /

2. Diagnostics is part of the repair price.
Example: You prepay 24 BGN with VAT for diagnostics. The cost of the repair is 50.00 BGN with VAT, so you will pay 26 BGN with VAT if you agree.

Please write us or contact us if the pricing is not clear enough!

3. You pay only the price for which you have been informed and agree with it !!! Our policy provides for PRIORITY notification of the final cost of the repair, including spare parts, transport costs, software settings, etc., if applicable. There are no hidden. The repair will be  done ONLY after your private confirmation!
Please keep in mind that NOT all devices are possible to be repaired. Not every appliance is reasonably to be repaired at a reasonable price. It is not possible to find spare parts, software and documentation for all appliances from all brands.


Costumer: How long time does the repair take?
Service: There is no statutory requirement for how long time after-warranty appliance needs to be repaired. Our service has announced period of up to 30 working days.

Costumer: Can the equipment / appliance be repaired for a shorter period of 30 working days?
Service: Yes. In principle, the deadline is up to 30 business days. We always try to repair the equipment in much shorter terms when possible.
We prefer to specify a longer term and make your equipment / appliance shorter.

Costumer: Why the repair is so slowly?
Service: Please note the following:
1. Repairs in our service department follow the chronological order of each appliance’s input. Our software ticket system automatically gives you an order number.
2. On one workplace it is technologically possible to dismantle only one appliance. It is not possible to repair several appliances at the same time.
3. If there have an appliance with a serious problem, it will slow down the whole process of processing the next appliances waiting on the queue.

Costumer: Could you quickly and immediately just look at my device and tell what it is?
Service: No, this is unfortunately impossible for the following reasons:
1. Your appliance should be carefully disassembled and tested with appropriate measuring devices. Practice shows that even defects that are visible for the costumers could be just part of other related problems.
2. Unfortunately for one working table, only one unit could be disassembled.
It is not possible to repair several appliances simultaneously  at the same time.
3. Diagnosis and repair always go together and successively.
4. When we contact you to discuss the repair price, this actually means that the device is on a work table, disassembled and awaits your decision about repair price.

Costumer: Do you have an express repair service?
Service: Yes, we also offer express repair, but only in the case of a technological possibility, the availability of the spare parts and software and in case the specifics of the necessary repair allows repair to be done for this shorter period of time. The cost of the express repair is + 50% of the standard price. The cost of express diagnostics is + 50% of the standard price.

Service: We advise our customers not to require an express repair because:
We promise to perform an express diagnosis of the device, but how to do it if:
A. No spare parts are available in the sales network, delivery is slow or no spare parts for this unit. There is no service centre which could work without spare parts.
B. There is a need for documentation or software, and such is not available.
C. The appliance is obviously not possible to repair.

Service: When our Customers choose an express repair, the chance of disappointment is too big. Please do not ask us for an express repair, as we provide a guarantee for the work we do, and this is not always possible with express repairs!

Service: In practice, express repairs are possible in quite a few cases and after diagnostic made by us.

Service: Please note that under our policies, the Express Diagnostic Rate is + 50% of the standard price and it is NOT refundable, despite the fact that the device can not be repaired quickly or not at all.


Diagnostics is obligatory and pre-paid. Diagnostic value is not refundable in case of unprofitable repair, lack of parts or too expensive repair. Exception: In case the device arrives with a courier from a different location outside Sofia and the client has not understood the prepaid diagnostic, he / she have to pay the diagnostic fee subsequently.

Costumer: Why the diagnostic fee have to be paid in advance?

Costumer: Why does my diagnostic fee is not refundable if the appliance will not be repaired?
1. In fact, diagnosis is about 90% of the repair.
2. Your equipment / appliance is written by our administrators in the web order system.
3. Receipt documents shall be issued.
4. Follow  phone calls and write emails.
5. Our technicians need time to analyse your equipment, including search of specialized literature, check availability of spare parts, software.
All of this has a certain value and it is subject to payment.
Unfortunately, we can not predict how much it costs and whether it is possible to repair a device without diagnostic.


Costumer: What is the warranty period for the repair?
Service: There is no legal requirement for how long the warranty of a repaired appliance should be. Our workshop offers a 30-day warranty for repairs.
This warranty applies only to the repaired block, module, defect.
If another defect occurs, it is actually necessary to start a new repair.

Costumer: What documents will I get after the warranty repair?
Service: We issue a warranty card for each repair.
IMPORTANT! Even if you do not physically dispose of your warranty card or lose it, your warranty is valid due to the availability of our software system that keeps track of your repair data.
References can be made by serial number, contact phone given at the acceptance of the equipment / appliance, name of the customer. Your appliance is “visible” to you through our electronic system www.proverkata.com If you loose the warranty card, the appliance has warranty!


Costumer: Is the repair really good?
Service: Yes. Our and your aim is you to not come back with the same defect. Our purpose is to make you our permanent customer – for various appliances. That’s why we give you a guarantee. The fact of the quality of our work can be found in the section REFERENCES https://www.bushona.com/en/mnenia-za-serviz-bushona/ or what our strategic customers think about us, as well as in the section ABOUT US https://www.bushona.com/en/about-us/ .

Costumer: What documents will I get by giving you my equipment / appliance?
Service: Each of our customers receives a document with a unique order number, date and time when it transmits your repair equipment / appliance to the workshop. The document describes: brand, model, serial number, appliance type, problem, and other features.
Your appliance is “visible” to you through our electronic system www.proverkata.com

Costumer: What happens if I lose my repair order document?
Service: Do not worry. We have a special procedure to establish the match between owner and appliance. For security reasons, we will not disclose how the system works.
If you are the owner, there is nothing to worry about.

Costumer: What will happen to my device if I leave it and look for it in a few months or a few years?
Service: According to our rules, we will not be responsible for your appliance within 45 days of the date of leaving the appliance. It is really impossible to keep the equipment of the customers. The document you receive when leave the appliance describes the exact service conditions that you agree in advance that the workshop is not responsible for the appliance after the 45th day.

Costumer: Is it possible to compromise on the duration of the appliance’s stay for more than 45 days?
Service: Of course, but up to one or two weeks after our conversation.
We will not keep your device if we have agreed to stay with us for two weeks, and you are looking for it for TWO or more months.

Costumer: We are outside of Sofia or Bulgaria. Can we send you a device with courier?
Service: Yes, of course. Please contact us by phone for details. If you fail, please write us an email with your contact phone.

Costumer: How much does the transport cost to you?
Service: The cost of transport is determined by the weight and size of your appliance.
It is also important who the courier company is.
The delivery price to Sofia from different settlements is between 8 BGN , 10 BGN and 12 BGN for between 1 kg. Up to 2 kg. / approx. 2 BGN /Bulgarian leva / = 1 Euro /
The quoted prices are for approximate purposes only. If the product is large but light, the price may be higher. Prices may also change due to a change in courier business policy as well as a rise in fuel costs or other causes.
Major courier companies: www.econt.com, www.speedy.bg, www.evropat.com and many others at https://kurieri.start.bg/

Costumer: How do I know my equipment / appliance is in your service shop?
Service: Each of our customers, when leaving their devices in the workshop, receives a document with a unique order number, with date and time. The document describes: brand, model, serial number, appliance type, problem, and other features.
Your appliance is visible to you through our electronic system www.proverkata.com

Costumer: Can I check the repair of my equipment / appliance over the internet?
Service: Yes, through our electronic system www.proverkata.com

Costumer: Do you work with companies?
Service: Yes. We have a special policy in servicing businesses and institutions.
More about who we serve and what our major clients think about us, see the REFERENCES  section https://www.bushona.com/en/mnenia-za-serviz-bushona/. If you have any interest in working together, please write to us by specifying details about you and contact phone number.

Costumer: Is there a subscription to your service?
Service: Yes. Please contact us to clarify the details.

Costumer: Can you become our warranty service, after sales service?
Service: Yes. Please contact us to specify the type of technique and details.

Costumer: Do you have any recommendations from other clients? Who do you work with?
Service: Please read who we serve – what our customers think about us, see the Reviews – REFERENCES section https://www.bushona.com/en/mnenia-za-serviz-bushona/ .

Costumer: What are you doing to repair? What are you servicing?
Service: Service for electronics repair. Camera repair service. Quality repair service. Repair of laptop, computers and monitors in Sofia. Service for Kindle, Kindle, Kindle in Sofia, Bulgaria. Repair iPhone Service on iPad, iPod, MacBook. Service of Ldd Monitors, TV LV TVs in Sofia. Repair service for LCD monitors, LCD TVs., tablets and laptops in Sofia. Service for repair of spa and fitness equipment, simulators, treadmills, massagers, massage chairs and chairs.

Customer: Oh, why the service is called Bushona ( in English it means ”fuse” )?
Service: The fuse is the most important and responsible element in any electronic device.

Contact details:

E-mail: service@bushona.com – English, German, Russian, Bulgarian

Service centre for electronic repair


Bulgaria, Sofia 1000

55 Iskar str.